Encompassing “In Store Supplies” to Retail “Home & Office Cleaning Supplies”, Waterford Group’s General Merchandise (GM) and Supply expertise throughout this category is unsurpassed;

  • Liquid Soap Programs
  • Fountain & Coffee Cups
  • Sanitary, Surgical and Cleaning Gloves
  • Trash Can Liners/Carry Out “T” Shirt & Ice Bags
  • Home, Office and In-Store Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals


From Retail HBA to Healthcare First Responders and Primary Care Facilities, Waterford Group can establish, develop and expand your portfolio throughout.

  • Hospital
  • Pediatric
  • Geriatric
  • Psychiatric
  • Cardiology
  • VA/Military
  • Drug & Pharmacy


From Soup to Salad to Sandwiches … foodservice encompasses anything that has to be prepared for immediate consumption or “Grab & Go”!  Encompassing “full-service” to “self-service” programs … Waterford Group’s extensive knowledge of foodservice includes, but is not limited to:


o   Fresh Programs

o   Meat and Cheese Cutting Logs

o   Roller Grill Products / Condiments

o   Burritos, Empanadas, Tacos and Kolaches


  • C-Store Commissaries
  • Military Feeding & MWR
  • Hospital & Medical Feeding
  • College & University Feeding
  • Distribution & Redistribution Systems


From “healthy alternatives” to “traditional snack items”, Waterford Group’s working relationships can open doors to the key decision makers throughout the channels you are interested in … and some that you may not be aware of … including Extreme Value!  Waterford Group has the knowledge and focus to help maximize your efforts and resources … in a timely manner.


o   Candy

o   Salty Snacks

o   Fruit and Nuts

o   Alternative Items

o   Nutritional Programs


From the cooler-door to the  coffee-bar, from Warehouse to DSD Programs, Waterford Group has the contacts throughout the industry to help identify, develop and execute a program to fulfill your initiatives and exceed your expectations.


o   POS

o   Slotting

o   Free Fill

o   Promotions

o   Rebates and Accruals